Celebrating BIPOC Winemakers & Winery Owners with #WinePW

LVE by John Legend Sparkling Rose with Lao food from Champa Garden.

2020 was something. It certainly dealt quite a few blows. I think it also forced us to confront some harsh realities that were overdue. In the midst of the discussions on diversity and racism that have come out of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and discussions on sexism that have come out of the #MeToo movement in the last few years, the wine industry (and the hospitality industry in general) has had to confront the fact that it’s severely deficient in supporting minority populations and women.

Charles Woodson's Intercept Red Blend with A+ Burger.

For my own part, upon reflection, I realized that I can make more of an effort to search out wines from BIPOC winemakers both to enjoy at home and to blog about. I certainly make the effort to look for wines from obscure regions and grapes, and I also actively seek out wines from women winemakers and wineries with women in other key positions, but while I’m Latina myself, I’m confronting that I haven’t done a great job of telling the stories of other BIPOC people in the wine industry. I can do better.

In this spirit, particularly as it’s Black History Month, I’ve asked my fellow Wine Pairing Weekend Bloggers (#WinePW) to join me in Celebrating BIPOC Winemakers & Winery Owners. This week, we’ll be posting stories and pairings with wines from underrepresented groups. We’ll also be gathering on Twitter on Saturday, February 13th at 8 am PT/ 11 am ET to share our finds. Feel free to join us by following #WinePW. Here are the stories we can look forward to:

I genuinely can’t wait to read these posts!  In the meantime, I’ll also point you in the direction of Three Takes On Theopolis Symphony, which I shared last summer. Throughout this post, I've also been sharing some of the wines I’ve tried this past year from black winemakers/winery owners.

Theopolis Vineyards Symphony 2017

If you’re interested to discover more of these wines yourself, but you’re not sure how to find them, here are a few articles that have compiled helpful lists on the subject:

There are also more wine stores stepping up to feature these wines, you can also find quite a few on Wine.com – I purchased several here from the site. It's also good to ask, as this shows wine buyers that these wines are in demand and that there's interest.

Bodkin Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc with Ceviche. I'll be featuring another of their wines in my next post.

If you're interested to read more perspectives on this topic and why it's important, here are a few more articles for background:

SevenFifty Daily has been sharing a lot of coverage on the topic. Here are a few articles:




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