On Location Pairings From Cahors and a #Winophiles Preview

This month I’m hosting the French #Winophiles blogging group in an exploration of Cahors, the birthplace of Malbec, in the southwest corner of France. 

If you’re unfamiliar with this region, please check out my invitation post where I share both a cheat sheet on the region, as well as a geeky deep dive into the terroir. Then look ahead to this weekend when the #Winophiles will be sharing their discoveries. 

Here’s what we can look forward to:

Join us on Saturday, October 19th at 8:00 am Pacific time / 11:00 am Eastern time on Twitter by following the hashtag #Winophiles. We’ll get together there to discuss the region's wine and food. I should mention, Jill Barth worked with Vinconnexion and Vin de Cahors to provide samples for some of the French #Winophiles. For my part, I’d like thank O’Donnell Lane and Vin de Cahors for inviting me on a press trip to explore this region. Thanks to all of them!

In the meantime, let me tempt you further. In my invitation post, I got into the intricacies of the terroir and how spectacularly beautiful the region is. However, did I mention that the cuisine is also AMAZING?! This region boasts sooooooo many culinary delights. Saffron, truffles, and foie gras are all parts of the local cuisine. The food was crazy good. One of the other writers on the trip commented that the food was similar in style to what they'd had in Bordeaux, often better, and even at a better price point based on what we saw on restaurant menus.

I share with you here just a few of the delicious pairings I had on my trip there last fall. We went to so many wonderful restaurants, but this includes a sampling from only three because otherwise we'd be here for days. I'll be taking inspiration from the cuisine for years to come!

This 1990 Domaine du Prince was magical with this trufflle egg at Le Hameau des Saveurs. The wine became even more savory with the dish. The bottle is a testament to how well these wines can age.

At Le Gindreau this Chateau de Chambert paired beautifully with this high-end take on Coq Fermier (farmer's chicken), in particular with savory demi-glace-like sauce. The winery also has the largest certified organic vineyard in the region.

At a lunch at Le Caillau this wine from Château Haut-Monplaisir was lovely with this Duck Liver Parfait with marmalade from garden damson plums and toast. The picture at the top is of their charming entrance.
And at the same lunch, this Secrets de La Gineste was beautiful with this Hare in Chocolate Sauce with butternut squash.

Oh, and did I mention the abundant supply of foie?

Foie apps at Le Hameau des Saveurs.

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